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Organic Acai Berry Powder 100 gr

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100% Organic Acaiberry Powder. Free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Easy to Use: Simply mix Acai Powder with your favorite hot or cold beverage, or add to your blended smoothie, yogurt or other healthy snack food.

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100% Organic Acaiberry Powder. Free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Easy to Use: Simply mix Acai Powder with your favorite hot or cold beverage, or add to your blended smoothie, yogurt or other healthy snack food.

Refrigerate after opening.

The acai berry is a delicious small and round Brazilian berry that has been described as the miracle fruit.

Acai is native to the Amazon which is one of the largest bio-diverse rainforests of the world. Acai is a palm tree that grows an average of 80 feet tall in swamps and floodplains of the rainforest regions in Central and South America. It is specifically found in large numbers in Brazil along the banks of the Amazon River.

This rare berry is a part of the super fruit family. When introduced to the western world, the acai berry was recognized for its high levels of antioxidant-rich nutrients, healthy fats, dietary fiber, important amino acids, and is well-known as a top superfood option to complement a healthy diet. The acai berry contains the highest level of nutrients of any edible fruit. All foods high in antioxidants are very beneficial to help boost the immune protective response. Antioxidant-rich foods specifically help to boost the secretory immune response. This is the protective shield and the body’s first line of defense. The secretory or “surface immune system” neutralizes harmful free radicals and potentially pathogenic toxins by destroying them before they got out of control. It is highly recommended that your daily diet includes this class of supper fruits, particularly super berries. Common berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are also good to include in the daily diet.

All brightly pigmented berries are known for their high antioxidant levels. This includes the more common blueberries and black berries, especially the wild harvested variety. There is a specific class of super berries, however, that naturally grow in more remote arid regions or tropical rainforest locations. This class of super berries would include acai, goji, maqui, amla and camu. We increase the amount of protective immune building nutrients into our diet when we consume an assortment of these beneficial super berries.

Various research and case studies have indicated that plants produce a higher amount of antioxidants in response to environmental challenges. This may include competition with other plants, soil nutrients, weather fluctuations, exposure to molds and amount of available sunlight. These conditions generate a food source that is resilient and particularly high in antioxidants. The acai berry is predominantly higher in these superfood compounds as it grows wild all over the Amazonian rainforest.

Around 2008 this fruit was labeled as the number one superfood by Dr. Perricone on the Oprah Winfrey show. This triggered a slew of cheap products and weight loss advertisements trying to capitalize on acai as the latest miracle health food. Although the intent of these health advocates was to promote the acai berry as a food with high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, the exaggerated “cure for weight loss” claims shortly followed. All overstated claims aside; acai is merely just another great superfood to support a health promoting diet and lifestyle. Of course weight loss can be the result of making better food choices, but the idea of the acai berry solely linked to weight loss by its self is definitely a stretch of the imagination.

Because of its popularity and all of the unfortunate marketing scams, the price for acai berry powder and the frozen fruit pulp is very high. Sometimes this makes it difficult to fit into your diet on a regular basis and for this reason, there are some favored alternatives. For example, instead of adding all acai berry powder to your smoothie you can do just half acai powder and half with other dark purple berries like the maqui berry, which is the next best option if you are on a budget.

In a normal healthy person, the immune response protective shield is constantly circulating and actively working to protect, but as we age our immune response tends to weaken. This is why it is very important to look to foods that are antioxidant superfood helpers to provide additional support. It is also especially important in the modern day to use these super foods to counteract the negative impacts of pollutants and other toxins inevitably found in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. In addition to the enhanced immune response, the acai berry also improves skin and eyesight, acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps regulate cholesterol, contains heart healthy fats, is known to boost energy levels, increase metabolism and improves digestion and contains a good amount of dietary fiber.

There are many types of acai products on the market. When searching for an authentic acai berry product, you should always stick with the most natural, raw and organic forms.

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