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Pancake Mix Tepung Premiks Extra Cranberry (220 gr) – Ladang Lima

Netto 220 gr

Easy to Cook
Tepung Premiks Pancake Siap Pakai

Gluten Free – Less Sugar – Dairy Free – Source of Fiber

Ladang Lima Pancake Mix
Baru with extra topping cranberry

Cranberry terpisah tidak bercampur dalam tepung

Kini dibuat 2 pack dalam 1 box pancake sehingga bisa membuat pancake gluten free sebanyak 2x.

Ladang Lima – Gluten Free Pumpberry Cookies (180 gr)


Campuran kebaikan SUPERSEED (sunflower seed, flaxseed,dan pumpkin seed) serta manisnya CRANBERRY bisa menambah energimu dalam beraktivitas. PUMBERRY COOKIES akan siap menemanimu beraktivitas.

Komposisi : ladang lima cassava flour, pumpkin seed, sun flower seed, cranberry, palm sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon powder, flaxseed, baking powder, salt

Ladang Lima – Veggie Noodle Healthy Mie (Basil & Garlic) 150 gr


Basil leaves supporting eye health, lung health, cell health and liver function. Meanwhile garlic has the function to balance the blood pressure. This powerful combination combining a synergy benefit. Basil and garlic veggie noodle Its guilt free yet healthy.

Ladang Lima – Veggie Noodle Healthy Mie (Moringa) 150 gr


Ladang Lima Veggie Noodle is a healthy noodle made from fresh moringa leaves which contain high vitamin A and high antioxidants, mixed with Ladang Lima Gluten Free flour that’s rich in nutrient and suitable to be consumed everyday.

Ladang Lima – Veggie Noodle Healthy Mie (Red Spinach) 150 gr


Ladang Lima comes from southwestern Asian, red spinach is more than a vegetable. Able to waging the digestion system, and healing anemia. It also a mineral source for the energy. One package veggie noodle red spinach make your lunch day healthy.

Ladang Lima – Veggie Noodle Healthy Mie (Tomato) 150 gr


Red from tomato confers protection against high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, and heart disease. Juicy and sweet inside, it’s a good source of Vitamins A, C, K, and potassium. Tomato Veggie Noodle is prefect choice for enjoying healthy meal.